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Back from the Brink

Back From The Brink

A year ago I stopped blogging. I’m not sure if anyone noticed!

My personal life had gone into meltdown and I’d separated from my partner of 20 years. The pressure of everything going on there, alongside work, keeping the kids on stable ground and writing a blog about family adventures got too much. Something had to give. Writing the blog felt false, after all I was blogging about having adventures as a family, and mine was undergoing some serious upheaval. I had always wanted to be honest about who I was in my writing, and include the hardships as well as the fun stuff. But I couldn’t write about this. It was one adventure I definitely didn’t want to share. So I stopped.

Over a year has passed. A year of huge rollercoaster ups and downs. Adding to the chaos I found myself in a new and unexpected relationship far more quickly than I would have previously thought wise. That’s life… one moment your cruising merrily along then everything gets flipped upside down. You’re dangling by your toes thinking ‘Hold on… this isn’t in my plan, WT…’. But I’m a true believer in the saying that life happens for you, not to you. It’s all in the master plan, and it isn’t the events themselves but how we deal with them that counts the most.

So now a year on and things have become more settled. There are ongoing challenges of course, life seems more complicated now somehow. My own emotional journey has taken its twists and turns, but I’m finally feeling more calm and focused than I have in a long time.

So back to blogging? Yes, I can feel the inspiration rebirthing in me, the passion for travel and adventure that drove me to start writing in the first place has returned with bells on. My family may have changed shape but we’re still a family and maybe stronger for it in some ways. But for the time being I will be taking my time, writing when inspiration strikes rather than trying to meet any schedules. There’s still so much other stuff to be juggled and this is one journey I want to enjoy. So if you do sign up for my updates (I’ll be really chuffed but) please don’t expect a great deal of regularity. They’ll appear, from time to time, in your inbox and hopefully offer you some useful inspiration and ideas!

See you there soon, I promise 😉


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