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Of Mice and Men… What to do when your best laid plans go awry

Of Mice And Men… What To Do When Your Best Laid Plans Go Awry

It was all going so well… the blog was up and running, months of work and planning were finally actualised. I had a clear vision of where 2017 was going to take me, smoothly continuing along the track to creating a life of travel and adventure… go me!

Things have been looking up financially, the work I’ve done on clearing old, limiting money beliefs seemed to be having quite an impact (thanks largely to the ‘30 Day Money Cleanse‘, a killer course created by Caz at YTravelBlog which I would definitely recommend) and there were signs of big positive change. Spiritual practice was progressing (at my usual snail pace admittedly) and work on letting go of some challenging past events was coming along. Overall good progress was being made on all fronts… now to get that blog out to the world!

Then it happened… BOOM! A metaphorical runaway truck appeared from nowhere, ploughed in to my nice steady train and somewhat derailed it. Leaving a mess of twisted metal and hissing steam. Dramatic metaphor perhaps, but… Ho hum…

So firstly my apologies that I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front, and in fact the blog has been down for a couple of weeks. Awesome! Definitely not ideal when you’re just starting out. What actually happened was a series of events, some big some small, but which overall contributed to a big dollop of quicksand with me and all the balls I was juggling firmly stuck in it. The blog was just one of several threads. All connected no doubt, because when I become chaotic that creates chaos in EVERY area of my life. Chaotic kids, work, finance, etc like ripples on a pond spreading outwards.

After an initial (futile) struggle to free myself I sat back and realised… well here we are, life is happening right now. I truly believe there are no coincidences in my world. So rather than trying to do battle against this stuckness, I had to stop for a moment and take stock. Find a quiet space in the middle and just start to breathe again… breathe dammit!

If I can get myself there, from a place of balance and self respect I can be neutral in the face of these opposing forces. Right now I’m struggling with my meditation because there is so much stuff buzzing around in my brain, so maybe I just need to focus on that breath, feel the air flow in and out, feel the life force within. Get out and walk for miles and clear the muddle in my head.

So after lots of thoughtful reflection, here follows my tips for negotiating the sticky sands of chaos when you find yourself sunk in deep…

  1. Stop struggling against the flow of events. It’s exhausting. Stop analysing and trying to fix everything. You just need to let go and trust that the flow you are caught up in will lead you back to solid ground again sometime soon. Instead of fighting it, take the approach of gently steering in the right direction, but essentially just go with the flow of what is happening.
  2. Take a step or two back. Become an observer, a little detached. When you are in the thick of chaos it can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. When you view it from a distance with a bit of perspective, you might see it is quite a bit smaller than you imagined. Or maybe you’ll spot a path around the side of your obstacle. Also in quietness and observation you are more likely to be able to tune in to the guidance the Universe is (undoubtedly) offering you.
  3. Accept how things are right now. They may be well beyond your power to control, so allow things to be as they are, accept the process of what you’re going through. Accept that you are not perfect, and it’s ok to make mistakes. We’re all a work in progress. Chaos is a catalyst for change, to create your new life there has to be upheaval and a degree of destruction of the old. The fact that you’re in chaos indicates that the changes you ultimately desire are in progress. Create yourself a mantra along the lines of “I accept everything as it is right now. I accept what I can’t control and let it flow through my fingers like water.”
  4. Be thankful for the small things. It’s important not to let go of all the good stuff that’s happening to you right now. Your kid’s learning a new skill at school, getting together with friends for a coffee. Celebrate the little things that are going right; by focussing on these you remove power from the ‘problems’.
  5. Trust that ultimately the Universe is benevolent. Athough events may seem bewildering or overwhelming, there is a deeper force at work trying to show you the right path, which will eventually lead you to the right destination. Keep faith and keep your heart, your ears and your eyes open for the clues and signposts along the journey.

So right now where am I? Well not yet free of the sticky sands, but like Dory my mantra has become “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…” I’m trying very hard to take my own advice. The technical issues that occurred with the blog seem to be fixed (hence this post, finally!) and we have new hosts looking after it so I’m hopeful things will be better from here on in. The January Microadventure which had been postponed several times due to weather, events and bouts of sickness, will be with you very shortly. A guide to Bangkok with kids and part one of a three part guide to planning a big trip will be winging its way out in the not too distant future… So please bear with me. I’m working hard on developing some big webbed feet (good for negotiating the sandy mires) and more inner resilience than I thought I’d ever need. Good luck with negotiating your obstacles, may the force be with you.


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