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Exploring by moped

Let’s find time for freedom… exploring, learning, creating adventures!

Good to meet you, I’m Chloe. Join our mission to become more adventurous! Our blog is about simple family adventures, travel, making the most of today and helping you to do the same. We want to challenge ourselves and value the experiences and connections we find along the way. I hope you will find here a growing hub of encouragement and useful information to help motivate and inspire you to go and create more of your own micro or indeed great big adventures, travel stories and treasured memories.

Do you have the feeling that time is passing so fast, small ones are growing up and that special window of opportunity to inspire and educate is gradually shrinking? Like most of us I hope to give my kids a foundation of self reliance and confidence, that they will remember our adventures and grow up feeling the unlimited possibilities within. That applying themselves with perseverance and stepping out of their comfort zone will reap rewards! And that when life gets stressful, external adventure and internal quiet are the best cures.

I love travel and adventure stories, so I hope to share a few of our experiences along the way as we ordinary mortals attempt to become adventurers. And I encourage you to join in and share some of your family adventures with us.

On the subject of adventure…

Let me clarify a little… each of us probably has a slightly different definition, depending on our comfort zones. The Oxford dictionary definition is “An unusual and exciting or daring experience” which sums it up for me. I’m not thinking of summiting Everest, or even trekking to base camp (yet – although that is on my bucket list!) Despite secretly dreaming of being Levison Wood’s superhero sidekick, in all honesty I’m more comfy in slippers than on a high mountain pass.

I believe adventure can be anything that gets you out of the daily routine, gets you feeling excited about life, challenges you and brings you together… toasting marshmallows around your campfire, checking out a local festival or at the other end of the scale a grand travel adventure around the world! If it scares you a little it’s a good thing, it means you’re pushing your boundaries. Adventure can take many forms and unique experiences can be found everywhere. Its all in the attitude!

My fabulous imperfect family includes my boy ‘Jam Jar’ (mad about mountain boarding, gaming and drumming) and my girl Peanut (adores animals, art, drama and Roblox). Aside from being mum, my hats include web and graphic designer, sometimes world traveller (with a vision of becoming more so… more on that soon!) and lover of all things enriching; meditation, creation, travel, adventure and self transformation to name a few. We are based in the UK.

If all of this floats your boat, why not join us for regular updates by subscribing below. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with anyone who likes the vibe and wants to come along for the ride!

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