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“I’ve always wanted to do this… I’ve dreamed of it for years.”

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Two runners attempt to be the first female pair known to complete the gruelling ‘Classic Rock’ challenge, which is set in amidst the peaks of the Lake District. The challenge consists of climbing 15 iconic climbs taken from Ken Wilson’s ‘Classic Rock’ book, running between each climb, in under 24 hours.

This short film follows ultrarunner Jasmin Paris and mum of two, and Helm Hill runner, Mhairi Helme with assistance from legendary climber Dave Birkett and runner Josh Jardine. Fighting against time and the unpredictable harsh weather the pair battle on to try to complete an epic and unforgettable adventure in the Lake District.

No matter what else is going on in your life, you have to make time for your dreams.

The Lakeland Classic Rock Round is a serious challenge, undertaken unsupported. Some of the climbs are climbed up, others down, and the total distance run between the climbs is over 52km. Understandably only a handful of people have ever completed the challenge within the time set.

‘Classic Rock’ was the first collaboration between Celia Powell and Shotbro films, it was officially selected for Kendal Mountain Festival 2019.

Climbing the Classic Rock Challenge
Night climbing
Classic Rock Challenge
Heavy rain impedes the Classic Rock Challenge

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Celia Powell

Celia Powell is a filmmaker and journalist always on the hunt for stories that are yet to be told. Born in Paris, raised in North Yorkshire with bilingual parents Celia was always exposed to different cultures, and the nuances they bring, inspiring a passion for people, places, and storytelling. Celia has an underlying goal for raising awareness for people with Down Syndrome after growing up with her big sister Emma who has the condition – and one day hopes to open a café to help provide work for people with disabilities. She also follows in her late father’s footsteps with a passion for the Middle East and wants people to see the countries, communities, and culture behind the conflict.
And for now, Celia is an avid fell runner based in the Lake District with her partner Chris and their wire-haired Vizsla, Trigger.
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