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When you go to nature, it seems like time extends.

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How many of us live with the underlying feeling of not being quite good enough?

Struggling to meet other people’s and our own expectations, it’s very easy to compare ourselves unfavourably with those who seem, in our infinitely captured world, to have it all worked out. From a young age we are encouraged to fit into an acceptable box which wider society deems appropriate. We’re taught that success is measured in material and academic terms. That wealth, beauty and possessions are measures of our individual worth. We are constantly bombarded through the internet, social media and tv, with images of what it means to be attractive, fit, popular, successful, and how a happy family should look. We must be strong and capable, and ultimately Instagramable, whilst juggling work, family, home, social life and our wellbeing. The modern myth perpetuates, leaving some in a constant state of anxiety and even depression, causing damage to our mental health and negatively impacting our physicality.

The darkest moments are when I cannot find myself, when I cannot hear myself thinking.

Let the Sun Rise - short film
Walking on the beach
Watching the sunrise

In ‘Let the Sun Rise’ we hear the candid and down to earth reflections of a young man, James, as he seeks wisdom and self acceptance, and who finds solace, balance and meaning in his time spent in the natural world. He reflects; “The most beautiful places that I’ve been, are not necessarily easy to get to. But it doesn’t take away the beauty and the good of it.” Here, away from the judgement of others, we return to our truth. We are restored by the healing energy of nature, regaining the rhythms our ancestors knew and understood. This enables us to work in harmony with our life, a part of the greater whole, rather than in conflict with it. By stepping away from the consumer world and becoming more self aware, we recognise the greatest illusion. And gain the understanding that just as we are, and with nothing to prove, we are more than enough. 

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With the goal of sharing ideas and inspiring change, Green Renaissance produces gorgeous short films that are posted online and available for anyone, anywhere, to watch and share freely.

Through our films, we explore what it means to be human. We touch on topics that can often be difficult for people to discuss – from loss of a loved one to ageing and retirement to friendship to love and courage – universal themes that we ALL deal with at some stage in our lives, regardless of our religion or culture. We’ve always said that if each film touches just one person, fills them with a bit more hope, or leaves them feeling more inspired, then it has achieved its goal.

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