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30 days, 2000 miles, 15 national parks… the most beautiful but brutal experience of our lives

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In September 2021, Josh and Sarah, otherwise known as the Veggie Vagabonds, realised that despite many adventures around the world they had visited less than half of the UK’s national parks. They set out to put that right by cycling a route that took them through every national park in the UK, a journey of around 2000 miles… a Ride for the Wild. And they only had 30 days off work in which to complete the challenge…

This meant they would have to ride their fully laden bikes for at least 60 miles a day over varied (and often very hilly) terrain. They carried with them everything they would need to be entirely self supported, including camping gear and clothes for all that the UK’s weather might throw at them. They spent the summer training, planning, and whittling down their bikepacking gear as far as they dared, before setting off in September to ride from England to Scotland, Wales and back into England.

First off it got hilly… and I mean really bloody hilly.

Ride the Wild through epic landscapes
Josh and Sarah reach another milestone
Peak National Park
Wild camping

‘Ride for the Wild’ follows their adventure, through the highs of epic landscapes and sunshine, and the lows of challenging weather, exhaustion and injury. But the goal of completing had another major driver. “We wanted to use this challenge to do some good. We were raising money for Trees for Life, an awesome rewilding charity in the Scottish Highlands, and had spent the whole summer fundraising for them. The more time we spent riding through these landscapes, the more inspired we were to protect them. Our answer was to ride hard, and hopefully get as many donations as possible.”

The couple have so far raised well over ¬£2000 for the charity. Trees for Life‘s vision is of a revitalised wild forest in the Highlands of Scotland, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive. You can still donate to this fantastic cause and support the challenge here.

Sarah and Josh - the Veggie Vagabonds

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Josh and Sarah


Josh and Sarah – The Veggie Vagabonds

Josh and Sarah are two nature-focused outdoor enthusiasts, with a particular passion for cycling and human-powered adventures. Using outdoor challenges, they hope to bring awareness to the wonders of the great outdoors and the importance of protecting the natural world.
The couple’s most recent Ride for the Wild challenge saw them take on a 2,000-mile cycle to all 15 UK national parks in just 30 days, whilst raising money for Trees for Life, a rewilding charity in the Scottish Highlands. In the spring of 2022, they hope to continue their off-road adventure from the UK to India, which was halted¬†by the Coronavirus.
Together they run Veggie Vagabonds, an ethical adventure website and community, whilst being very excited about moving into the world of outdoor filmmaking.
The couple are most likely to be found muddy and sweaty, cycling through remote regions in the North of England.
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