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Sean Conway on an epic Icelandic coast-to-coast

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There‚Äôs something beautiful about crossing an entire country on foot, a marathon a day… slow and steady.

“It’s 210 miles from the top to the bottom of Iceland. I ran it with a group of like-minded people. One of the best 10 days of running I’ve ever had. It was the perfect balance of difficult yet achievable.”

In this short film, adventurer Sean Conway and a group of adventurous companions embark on an epic 10-day journey through the rugged terrain of Iceland. With the goal of running from the top to the bottom of the country, roughly a marathon a day, they face the challenges of treacherous weather conditions and unforgiving landscapes. This awesome adventure showcases the beauty and grit of both the Icelandic wilderness and the human spirit.

“When it comes to having an adventure, I think that running is the best form of transport… cycling’s too fast, and walking is definitely too slow for my liking. But I think running really does hit the sweet spot.”

Sean Conway - Running Across Iceland
Sean Conway in Iceland

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Sean Conway


Sean Conway

Sean Conway is a Zimbabwean endurance adventurer, author, World Record holder and motivational speaker, who became the first person to cycle, swim, and run the length of Great Britain, from Land’s End to John o’ Groats. In 2016 he completed the world’s longest triathlon, a 4,200 mile journey around the coast of Britain.

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