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Solo climbing with Hazel Findlay;
“The emptiness is what I’m here for.”

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“I use my body to turn the volume down. I let my fingers and toes find the right places. And that is all I need.”

Hazel Findlay enjoys an epic day of mountain running and solo climbing in the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia, reflecting on the ‘flow state’ required for this type of endeavour. Stunning shots combine with a considered soundtrack and introspection from one of the world’s best rock climbers.

“I like to run out the door and see where my legs take me. I’m often too scared to stop, and put on my climbing shoes. When I do stop I know I need to shed the self… it won’t help me here.”

Hazel Findlay running
Tricky camera work
Hazel Findlay running and climbing in Snowdonia
Hot Aches and Hazel Findlay

Curious about how an outdoors adventure film project of this nature comes together? How do you shoot a climbing film? Paul Diffley of Hot Aches Productions gives us the low down from behind the scenes in the following illuminating short.

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Paul Diffley of Hot Aches Productions


Paul Diffley

Paul is a multi-award-winning adventure filmmaker, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. As well as creating productions under his Hot Aches label, Paul works freelance as a camera operator, editor, and self-shooting PD.

His experience ranges from hanging off ropes filming live outside broadcasts of rock climbing, to following adventurers and athletes pushing their limits. He is an expert at using the latest HD/ 4K video cameras and is highly proficient with professional video editing software. His rock climbing films sell worldwide on DVD and download.

Aside from his professional interest in adventure sports as a film maker, Paul is a lifelong rock climber and general outdoor enthusiast with a love of mountain environments and a passion to portray their special qualities through the medium of film.

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