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Youth Adventure Grant Criteria

Please read the guidelines below carefully to ensure your adventure meets the grant criteria, before completing the grant application form online at 

The grant is designed to enable applicants to undertake an adventurous expedition that will help develop self-confidence, resilience and mental wellbeing. 

We consider that a significant role in the organisation of any trip is a key part of the learning experience. Therefore we do not award Grants to individuals seeking to partake in organised trips, races, courses or events.

Grant applications need to meet the following criteria:

  • For young adults based in the UK, aged 18-24 at time of expedition.
  • The expedition must be ‘human-powered’, involve physical exertion, have a clearly defined goal, be as original as possible and span a minimum of 3 days.
  • The expedition must be self-organised.
  • Application can be for an individual or for a team of up to 4 persons (who must also meet criteria).  Application to be made by a lead individual, who will receive the grant funds.
  • The expedition must be recorded afterwards in a blog post with photographs, or in film format, for us to share on the website, with sponsors and on social media to help promote the grant.
  • Applications for an adventure with purpose (environmental, social etc) will score extra points!
  • Grants awards will generally be between £100-£500 depending on the expedition, although potentially more in a minority of cases.  
  • Expedition must take place within 12 months of the grant being awarded.

Applying for the Now on Earth Youth Adventure Grant implies acceptance of these conditions.

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