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Adventure Queens women's adventure community

Delicately smashing down the barriers that prevent women from having outdoor adventures

Adventure Queens are a UK-based, not-for-profit women’s adventure community. Set up with the aim of delicately bringing down the barriers that prevent women from going on outdoor adventures and realising their full potential, we are free to join, highly accessible and completely inclusive for anyone that identifies as a woman.

We bring the community together to share stories, experiences and advice in safe, supportive and non-judgmental ways. It’s about sharing skills and building confidence for the everyday adventurer to grow.

Since 2017, our outdoor adventure community has grown to over 16,600 women, with 25 regional groups, one Mum’s group and three international groups. We’ve had hundreds of events from campouts, local meet-ups and in-store partner events. And to date, we’ve given out £7,000 worth of support to five recipients of the Adventure Queens Grant.

Adventure Queens meet up
Adventure Queens

The Adventure Queens Grant

We launched the Adventure Queens Grant in 2017 – our way of helping women take on their first human-powered, boundary-pushing life-changing adventure. And each year we team up with partners, who are equally passionate about getting more women into the outdoors.

Adventure Queens women's adventure community
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