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The Adventure Syndicate

Inspiring, Encouraging and Enabling

The Adventure Syndicate are a not-for-profit organisation that use the inspiring stories of women adventuring by bike to encourage our audience to push their perceived limitations. We do this not by showing ourselves to be all-knowing, powerful and impressive but by being open and honest about our own limitations, vulnerabilities, and failures too.

We are passionate collaborators and believe whole-heartedly in the strength and power to be found in mutually cooperative and considerate groups who strive to focus on the greater good rather than aim for personal success.

We use the written word, talks, films, podcasts, informal rideouts, training camps and skills courses in order to not only inspire people but to practically encourage and enable them to take on their own challenges.

Source to Sea

In 2021, The Adventure Syndicate will pedal and paddle four of Scotland’s rivers from their source to the sea. On our way, we’ll be bringing you the stories of the rivers as they wind and meander their way to the sea. We’ll be filming, podcasting, photographing and writing all about our journeys and bringing you along for the ride with brand new Match the Miles challenges for each river.

The Adventure Syndicate
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