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Explorers Connect

Dedicated to helping people to live more adventurously

Established in 2009 by Explorer & Campaigner Belinda Kirk, Explorers Connect host a teammates platform, micro-expeditions, training, a National ‘Night of Adventure’ and a pioneering conference series ‘Adventure Mind‘, which brings together adventure practitioners, wellbeing professionals, researchers, teachers, policy makers and adventurers to better understand how adventurous activity can positively affect mental health in the UK.

We communicate to our likeminded community of 28,000 through our monthly newsletters packed with advice, inspiration and opportunities.

Set up originally as a way for explorers and adventurers to recruit new teammates for expeditions, people soon let Belinda know that they would like to go on adventures with her, so she started setting up adventures herself. Now, every adventure run by Explorers Connect has been carefully crafted to reflect Belinda’s original vision, standards, and ethos.

Belinda Kirk and Explorers Connect want to ensure adventure is woven into everyones’ lives. We are rallying the troops: with the ultimate aim to get adventure on the national agenda, to make it accessible to all, and delivered as effectively as possible.

Explorers Connect
Explorers Connect Base Camp
Base Camp

“I’ve seen adventure change people’s lives and it changed mine, by giving inspiration, building confidence and creativity and bringing people together. The Explorers Connect community believes in making the most of life; together we are making a real difference and having fun.”

Explorers Connect
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