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Love Her Wild

The UK’s largest women’s adventure community - making adventures more accessible to women

Founded by Bex Band, Love Her Wild’s mission is to get more women on adventures. Why? Because getting active outdoors in a supportive team improves health and wellbeing, while connecting to wild spaces leads to a passion for conservation.

To make adventures more accessible to women, who are massively under-represented in the outdoors, we are focusing on providing the following:

1. A supportive online space for women to ask questions and gain inspiration

2. Free and low-cost adventures across the UK for women

3. Funding and gear for promising women to gain recognised outdoor qualifications as well as adventure grants for those least represented in the outdoors (including minority ethnic women, differently-abled and low-income households)

Since launching in early 2017, we’ve taken thousands of women on adventures all over the world. We’ve raised over £10k for charity, provided funding and gear to over 50 women, removed over 10,000 pieces of plastic pollution and set up 8 mentoring partnerships.

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About Love Her Wild Grants

Each year, Love Her Wild support women in the community with direct funding and gear to make getting outdoors easier. They aim to provide at least 20 women annually with free places on adventures and Wild Weekends. In addition, they are working to provide their promising local Wilders (who coordinate local groups) with recognised outdoor qualifications so they can better carry out their roles and serve their communities as positive female role models.

Love Her Wild
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