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Restoring Mental Health, Naturally

Mind Over Mountains offer immediate and accessible support by bringing together the healing power of nature, the practice of mindfulness and time to talk with experienced coaches and counsellors in an unpressured, unhurried setting.

We believe spending time outdoors is the most powerful intervention to build resilience and positive wellbeing. We create a safe space to challenge and re-connect ourselves in a fun and supportive environment. No pressure, no expectations.

We run events such as ‘Walk and Talk’, where you can escape into nature with our team of experienced coaches, counsellors and mountain leaders. Ranging from one day hill-walks to weekend retreats – walk, talk and find stillness in some of the UK’s most special places. Our bursaries are there so everyone, no matter what challenges they have in their lives can find support and respite. If you are experiencing financial hardship, long-term illness, abusive circumstances, have suffered loss or are in a role of long-term care for another we’re here for you.

Mind Over Mountains Logo
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