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Society has this image of what girls ‘should’ do…

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“The pressures of social media and what a girl’s meant to do isn’t getting muddy and sweaty and dirty…”

What is it to be a girl?  In the eyes of many teenagers like Karra “being a girl is alot about what you look like”.  But are there other ways girls can find their self-worth?  In ‘Should’, teenage girls give a frank account of the pressures to conform to society’s ideals for them and their bodies, and illustrate how – with the help of bikes, positive role models, and each other – they discover their courage and the freedom that comes from adventuring outdoors and discovering what your body can do.

We have an ideal of femininity… it can feel quite uncomfortable to sit outside of that

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The film was made in association with The Adventure Syndicate, a not-for-profit organisation that use the inspiring stories of women adventuring by bike to encourage others to push their perceived limitations. They use the written word, talks, films, podcasts, informal rideouts, training camps and skills courses in order to not only inspire people but to practically encourage and enable them to take on their own challenges.

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Katrina Brown

Katrina Brown is a documentary filmmaker with a passion for making visible untold stories about the land, the outdoors, healthy minds and bodies, and the challenges and heroism of ordinary life. She specialises in the many worlds of cycling and bringing to light unusual and lesser-appreciated perspectives, particularly the experiences of women. With a hallmark of emotional honesty, her work exemplifies the relevance and power of film to shine a light on sometimes sensitive subjects and has created award-winning films that have captured the public consciousness and sparked debate.

Katrina made her first film in 2008 when she took on the challenge of the Kendal Adventure Film Academy 48hr Film Marathon, together with friend Rachel Dilley. The 2-minute film ‘Ride Like a Girl’, featuring mountain biker Tracy Moseley and adventurer Pauline Sanderson, was shown at the film festival and proved to be the initiation of fire that lit Katrina’s inspiration to make the films she wanted to see but could seldom find. She has been developing her skills and experience ever since, and most recently was selected to participate in the Scottish Documentary Institute’s Bridging the Gap program 2016/17.

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