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“Last August, I received the Now On Earth Youth Adventure Grant to relearn how to surf, after recovering from cancer and a torn ACL. I spent a week in Cornwall learning how to “pop-up” with a different foot, relearning wave theory, and getting to know Cornish surf culture. Without the support from the NOEYAG, I would never have been able to afford board rentals, housing, or transport, let alone been able to relearn the skill. Surfing has become my source of calm, and I’m so grateful to be back out there, slowly but surely.”


Swathi, NOEYAG recipient who re-learned to surf following serious illness and injury.
“My name is Charlie Wakefield and I am a student, long distance runner and mountaineer from Norfolk, England. Big projects and big goals, especially in the world of mountaineering and alpinism, take a lot of planning and work behind the scenes to make happen, and often the only thing people see are the summit photos and the end result of a successful project coming to fruition. Our project was to become the first UK University team of mountaineers to summit Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Europe, unguided. We applied to many grant schemes and spent hours writing emails and contacting sponsors, however it was Now on Earth that took the time to meet with us and help us with funding to put our project into action. Their help, got us to Mont Blanc to film a short documentary on the journey. Needless to say, without Now on Earth’s support, my dream project would’ve likely remained a dream, and so I could not be more grateful to Chloe and their team for their backing.


Some young people are fortunate enough to have parental benefactors to fund their extreme pursuits, whilst others like me will work all summer between terms at university to try and afford the costs for one trip, and have enough savings left over to survive at university. What Now on Earth did, was enable me and the team, to focus on our project, and their support opened a door to an opportunity that many take foregranted and we would have otherwise been unable to afford. Thank you, Now on Earth, for your continued support and keep up the amazing work making the impossible, possible.”


Charlie, part of a small team who attempted a summit of Mont Blanc

“Now on Earth helped me take the craziest adventure of my life and share it with the world. As a young person, I’m restless about the state of the planet but most of the time, there’s not much I can do about it. Now on Earth changed that. The grant allowed me to step up, challenge myself and do good for our Earth. Thanks!”

Elliot, NOEYAG recipient who journeyed to Africa raising awareness of the plight of the Rhino.

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